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Spinal Rehabilitative Care

Dr. Hudson has been a chiropractor for more than 37 years. Chiropractic care has evolved as a science in that amount of time! As Spinal Rehabilitative Care emerged, Dr. Hudson was so impressed with the results, that he equipped his office with all new equipment. This included a new x-ray system, and various pieces of therapy equipment. With the new x-ray techniques, Dr. Hudson is able to measure specific angles and degrees of curvature. As a patient progresses through rehab therapy, x-rays will be able to show precise degrees of improvement as the spine returns to its intended curvatures. 

Functional Neurology

“In treating neurological patients for concussion, neuro-developmental delays or neurological diseases, as a certified Diplomat of Functional Neurology, Dr. Hudson uses the latest high-tech diagnostics. One such diagnostic is the VideoNystagmoGraphy (VNG), which assesses several specific eye movements. Each eye movement is controlled by different brain networks. Disturbances of eye speed, accuracy or smoothness of movements gives insight into those areas of the brain. Another diagnostic is an extreme sensitivity balance plate. To maintain optimal balance, our brains have to simultaneously intergrate information from three different sensory sytems. Furthermore, Dr. Hudson conducts comprehensive Cognitive Assessments using an objective, scientifically- validated computerized assessment service called Cambridge Brain Sciences. These assessments help us to understand potential brain regions, networks and functions that may require treatment. After testing and diagnosis, Dr. Hudson is fully trained to perform individualized eye and brain exercises to improve the patient’s condition. He also has an extensive list of neurological therapies to aid neurological patients, including Neurofeedback, Dynavision 2, Interactive Metronome, and Right Eye.


Dr. Hudson is also a Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN). He treats nutrition and digestive concerns as well as metabolic issues. Using very specific blood tests, he is able to develop individual treatment plans. He also subscribes to a low-inflammation diet with a period of cleansing and restoration to bring the gut to its proper function. We supply the highest quality supplements on site.

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